7 Google Maps tips and Tricks to make your travel simpler..

There are some applications on your smartphone that have become an indispensible part of your daily life.One such applications is Google Maps. Most of us would agree that Google Maps has changed the way we commute and has made our travel simpler and faster.

  • Voice commands

  • Using smartphone while driving can be dangerous. That’s why Google maps added voice command integration. This comes real handy when you are behind the wheel and struggling to find your way! You can ask Google to find a location for you, and the map will toggle to navigation mode. You can ask for alternative routes, satellite view, traffic updates and can even the distance and time left to take you next turn.

  • See all places you have visited till date

  • Google Map keeps a record of all the destinations you have visited using this app The latest addition ‘Your timeline’ stores all the information of your last visits in a list format that can be accessed by simply tapping on the settings menu from the search box.

  • Share your locations with others.

  • You might have sent your location to your loved ones on WhatsApp a number of times, but do you know that you can do it directly from the Google. To do this, open Google maps and long tap on the blue dot that represents your current location. It will open up the current location at the bottom, just swipe it up and it will display the three options- Save, Share and Download. If you tap on share, it will give you a number of apps through which you can share your location.
    Also it comes real handy when you are in danger and need to ask people for help. Sharing your location via this mode will help your near and dear ones to be able to locate and get to you faster.

  • Save work and home address.

  • This is the best feature for office goers, college students and other users who commute on a fixed route on daily basis. Just tap on ‘Your places’ and enter your Home and Work addresses. Once updated, you can simply use voice commands and ask Google map to take you home.
    Moreover, Google Now also utilises such information and will give you live traffic, time and weather updates of the route in the form of Google cards.

  • Find location on PC and send it to your smartphone

  • Google maps are not just for smartphones and tablets. If you want to have a wide view of a city or place you are planning to visit, then you can open Google maps on web.Once you have found the location from the search bar, a card will appear with options such as save, nearby, share and send to your phone. Just tap on it and it will give you a list of all the Android devices you are using with the signed Gmail id. Select the device and the location will be sent to your device instantly.

  • Live public transit info

  • If public transport is your mode of daily commutation, then you will be happy to know that Google map also provides information for train and bus departures. . For this, open Google Maps, type your destination in the search bar and tap the navigation icon. Tap on ‘option’ menu to select the mode of transportation. It will give you a list of all the routes available with the respective timings of the various modes of transportation. Such as bus, train, cab, etc.

  • Save maps offline.

  • You might be using 4G on your smartphone, but there are times when you find yourself in a situation where you have no internet connectivity and no one to ask for the next turn to reach your destination. In such times, Google’s offline maps can be your ultimate savior.
    For this, Open Google Maps and head to settings menu by tapping on the three lines in the search box. Scroll down and tap on offline areas. You can tap on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom right to search and download a map of the destination you want to visit.

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