6 Innovations in medical technology that define the future to come

While we ramble on about consumer technology, like smartphones and tablets, real innovation in tech is happening elsewhere. A brief look at medical technology that has been developed, or is being currently researched, will open your eyes to the myriad possibilities that the future may have. There's everything from the nanomites that you saw in Gi-Joe, to mind transfer, holograms and hearts that just won't stop beating.


  • Heart in a box.
  • We have all grown up knowing that men die when their hearts stop beating, but that may not be true anymore. Well, almost. A new device, known as the Heart in a box, can actually reanimate the heart from those who have passed away.


  • Mind Transfer.
  • It is the hypothetical process of scanning mental state of a particular brain substrate and copying it to a computational device, such as a digital, analog, quantum-based or software-based artificial neural network. . There are theories that the human mind will one day live forever through a machine. Believe it or not, companies like Google are actually conducting research in this direction. Cryopreservation and chemopreservation are currently considered to have legitimate possibilities for the future.

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